Welcome to CK ADHD Coaching & Consulting

Christine Kotik head shot

Hello! I’m Christine (the “C” of “CK”), and I founded my practice to help you build a life of joy and dignity through a strategic understanding of ADHD.

ADHD can be a real pain, and for me, it’s personal, since I have ADHD, too. 

As your coach, I work with you (or your child) to:

  • boost your understanding of the impact of ADHD on you and your family
  • help you tell your own story through the lens of ADHD, and take proper stock of your strengths and limits, and
  • master the skills and strategies necessary to sharpen your focus, sustain your motivation, and fulfill your responsibilities

It’s why my logo is a camera lens, encircled by the words “dream,” “believe,” and “achieve.”

New Space for New Stories and New Strategies

That negative self-talk? The idea that you’re incapable? Those thoughts cripple your ability to dream. So you settle for less. Let’s mute those messages and create the space you need for a more accurate story (and a happier ending).

Imagine, say, making the honor roll, getting into your dream college, or securing that long-elusive promotion … Feels good, yes? Let’s put a plan into place — a plan attuned to your strengths — so those dreamy prospects become ever more likely.

It’s Not Too Late to Build Your Skills

Better late than never? Absolutely! In my book, the more joy, the better. I ask for a three-month commitment and, for some clients, that’s long enough to see substantial improvements. Others take a bit longer, but my step-by-step game plans provide lasting value via better grades and happier families for my younger clients, and improved job performance (and happier home lives) for my adult clients.

Success and peace of mind are here for the taking. Whether you’re here on behalf of your child or yourself, know that small steps, with the right guide, can make all the difference in the world.