ADHD IN Adults

       Take a few minutes to check out my interview with media rockstar Joel Roberts about time management, neurodiversity, and how I work with ADHD in adults.

HUMAN NEEDS: Trust AND Neurodiversity

       Besides food and shelter, clothing and wi-fi (okay, maybe not wi-fi), what do humans actually need? To really thrive, we need safety, certainty, and familiarity.

       With our families, we establish and sustain that sense of safety and certainty by making commitments and keeping them. For example, your spouse may depend upon you to:

pick up your toddler at daycare
buy a gallon of milk on your way home from work, and
attend your 8th-grader’s stage debut — and not to arrive just on time, but early, with flowers.

       At work, it’s the same thing: you need to see things through, because that’s how you build and sustain the trust of your coworkers.

ADHD in adults
ADHD Adult Coaching

       For neurotypicals (read: people without ADHD), it’s easy peasy. As natural as walking. How about you? Is this where you stumble?

       Does your forgetfulness chip away at that sense of trust?

       How does your poor time management affect your relationships with your family?

       Who do your children depend upon the most? You, or your significant other?

       Trust: it’s a fundamental human need. For “neurodiverse” people like you and me, ADHD can make it difficult to attend to this big fundamental.

       Still, it’s a struggle you can manage (and even master), once you do three things:

recognize the problem
understand the problem, and
carry out the game plan that we’ve made together to ensure your success

       And to be clear: we’re not talking about another generic plan for boosting your executive. We’re talking about a game plan tailor-made for your personality and your situation.

       It’ll take some work, but you — and your family — will love the happier, more reliable you. It may be the most compassionate thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones.

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