NEW SPACE FOR NEW Stories AND NEW Strategies

That negative self-talk? The idea that you’re incapable? Those thoughts cripple your ability to dream. So you settle for less. Let’s mute those messages and create the space you need for a more accurate story (and a happier ending).

Imagine, say, making the honor roll, getting into your dream college, or securing that long-elusive promotion … Feels good, yes? Let’s put a plan into place — a plan attuned to your strengths — so those dreamy prospects become ever more likely through ADHD Coaching and Consulting.


Better late than never? Absolutely! In my book, the more joy, the better. I ask for a three-month commitment and, for some clients, that’s long enough to see substantial improvements. Others take a bit longer, but my step-by-step game plans provide lasting value via better grades and happier families for my younger clients, and improved job performance (and happier home lives) for my adult clients.

Success and peace of mind are here for the taking. Whether you’re here on behalf of your child or yourself, know that small steps, with the right ADHD Coaching, can make all the difference in the world.

Hello! I’m Christine (the “C” of “CK”), and I founded my practice to help you build a life of joy and dignity through a strategic understanding of ADHD.

ADHD can be a real pain, and for me, it’s personal, since I have ADHD, too.

As your coach, I work with you (or your child) to:

> boost your understanding of the impact of ADHD on you and your family

> help you tell your own story through the lens of ADHD, and take proper stock of your strengths and limits, and

> master the skills and strategies necessary to sharpen your focus, sustain your motivation, and fulfill your responsibilities

It’s why my logo is a camera lens, encircled by the words “dream”, “believe”, and “achieve”.


CK ADHD Coaching & Consulting was started to help students, families and adults who are struggling with ADHD in their everyday lives.  

K12 Coaching Program

K-12 Coaching

When I work with your child, I listen closely to how they tell their story. Together we take stock of their strengths and challenges, which helps them recognize how capable they already are.

College Student Coaching

College Student Coaching

College will definitely test your executive functioning skills — or, if it already has, and your results lacked flying colors, let’s learn from your mistakes, and map out the most effective way for you to succeed.

ADHD Adult Coaching

Adult Coaching

Besides food and shelter, clothing and wi-fi (okay, maybe not wi-fi), what do humans actually need? To really thrive, we need safety, certainty, and familiarity. With our families, we establish and sustain tha…

ADHD Parent Coaching

Parenting Groups

In my practice, I coach my clients, and I also train parents in strategies and tactics for raising a child with ADHD. For you — whether I’m coaching your child or not — every day is game day.


Christine has been recognized as one of the  Top ADHD Coaches by Coach Foundation.


This year the school program is not as demanding and the teachers are aware of his coping skills he learned with you and can intervene before disaster strikes. So we are all happy.

Mom of 6th grade student

I think that the ability for him to talk with you as a coach who “gets” him has been a blessing. He’s gone into this new school situation with confidence and the willingness to adapt outside of his comfort zone. I know that is directly linked to your encouragement and support.

Katie B Mom of HS Student

I believe eliminating physical and mental clutter has really helped me this year. I am hoping today to Christmas-Size my house, which means make room for the decorations. So, here I go! Thanks Christine! Your support is priceless.

Melissa M Adult Client

So, this process is truly connecting me to that part if myself that I felt I lost so many years ago when my husband died. I am remembering how to manage the clutter again, the chaos of ADHD. What’s really interesting is that through this process, I am having realizations about myself that are similar to what I might experience in therapy. But, it’s my discovery.

Shelly G Adult Client

Christine is professional and reliable. I always felt like I could count on her. Also, she is adept at taking my sometimes chaotic situation and reflecting it back to me so that I could see my choices and next steps. It felt like she simplified things for me so that I could move forward.

Dan R Adult Client

Christine helped me to understand how to look at a big project and not get overwhelmed. I think one of the things that will help me create the order and structure in my house is using this coaching to attack the clutter in small quadrants. She helped me realize that I didn’t have to complete a whole project (room) in a day. I developed so much more control over the chaos than I could have imagined. Changes come more easily and it feels good.

Theresa R Adult Client


SMART ADHD Behavior-Based Goals

SMART ADHD Behavior-Based Goals

When you’re discussing goal setting, SMART has nothing to do with your intelligence. (But it is smart to use this technique!). But everything to do with a great framework to help your ADHD brain develop a solid goal!

ADHD Goal Setting

ADHD Goal Setting

There is a different type of goal that doesn’t focus on the outcome at all! Rather than focusing on the outcome, this type of goal focuses on changing behaviors that make achieving the outcome-based goals so much easier and faster! These types of goals are called behavior-based goals.

Caffeine and ADHD: Benefits, Risks, and Considerations for Children and Teens

Caffeine and ADHD: Benefits, Risks, and Considerations for Children and Teens

Caffeine is a stimulant found in many beverages and foods, including coffee, tea, soda, and chocolate. It is one of the most commonly consumed psychoactive substances in the world and is known to have various effects on the body and brain. For individuals with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), caffeine can be a helpful tool for improving focus, attention, and alertness. However, it is important to be mindful of the potential risks and consider the specific needs of children and teens regarding caffeine consumption.