ADHD College Student Coaching – going to college is likely to be the most exciting and challenging phase of your life — so far. And while you’re fine with the exciting part, it’s the challenging part that most concerns you today.

       As a predictor of future success, high school grades tell part of the story. They don’t tell you, though, how to strike the elusive balance of:

       Nor do they predict how well you’ll bounce back the first time you bomb a paper. Or sleep through an exam. Or simply misremember the due date for a big project.

       Has this happened to you? How did you respond?

       Did the voice of negative self-talk kick into gear, and claim that you’re never going to graduate? Let’s mute that voice, and regard this moment as one more test — a test you can definitely pass, but you have to study.


College is a test, so be prepared

       College will definitely test your executive functioning skills — or, if it already has, and your results lacked flying colors, let’s learn from your mistakes, and map out the most effective way for you to succeed.

       Once we team up, we’ll build a game plan tailor-made for your situation, to ensure that you organize your work into manageable chunks, stay focused, and see things through. We’ll also ensure that you build another important skill that you can use for the rest of your life: knowing when to ask for help.

        Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. At college, especially, it’s a sign that you know how to put the available resources to work on your behalf. The staff at the tutoring center and the library, your advisor and your professors: they all want you to succeed. Their job is to help you. So, even if you’re doing fine, and you’re not asking for help, you’re not letting them do their job. A key part of my job, too, is to ensure that you don’t try to go it alone.

Follow the game plan, step-by-step, to dream , believe , and achieve .