K-12 COACHING - Children with ADHD

       Mom or Dad: take a moment and think about the story you tell yourself about your children with ADHD.

       In this story, do you play the role of ally or adversary?

       Do you feel helpful, or helpless? Excited or exasperated?

       What would you be willing to do to have rosier visions of your child’s future?

       I’m going to bet your child is fully capable of doing better. Your child may be frustrated by repeatedly coming up short, or ashamed that they’re disappointing you. Let’s redirect those energies, and find the most effective way for your child to tap into their strengths and creativity.

       Tapping that well: for me, that’s a key part of good coaching.

MY COACHING METHOD: Listen, Understand, Design

       When I work with your children with ADHD, I listen closely to how they tell their story. Together we take stock of their strengths and challenges, which helps them recognize how capable they already are. Then we develop tailor-made strategies that enable your child to:

plan out their days in advance

stay self-motivated and on task, for homework and household chores

self-advocate calmly and effectively, at school and at home

       As a coach, I help your children with ADHD succeed as a student, as a friend and, most importantly, as a reliable and loving member of your family.

       With the right skills and strategies, your child can author a series of heroic chapters in their ongoing story, with you by their side, celebrating every triumph.

Our family life has improved immensely because our son’s developing the skills he needs to manage things himself.  My husband and I can send our son off to college knowing that he has a multitude of coping skills, and that Ms. Kotik will be there through Skype to help him (and us!) along the way. “The peace of mind she’s given us is priceless.”

Cammy, Mom of High School student K-12