CK ADHD Coaching & Consulting was started to help students, families and adults who are struggling with ADHD in their everyday lives.  Often students with ADHD find areas of their lives negatively impacted by their ADHD, a learning disability, or another coexisting condition.  The coaching process allows students to set goals, accept limitations and acknowledge strengths, develop social skills and devise strategies that will help them to be more effective in managing their day to day lives.

An ADHD Coach works with clients to provide support in ALL life areas, not only academic related areas.  For example, ADHD coaching could help an individual:

  • become organized, learn time management skills, and learn how to prioritize
  • create a plan for completing a large project
  • set and work toward a short term or long term goal
  • develop and maintain focus and concentration
  • gain self-advocacy skills
  • enjoy a safe space to work on social skills
  • manage ADHD issues at home, at school, and at their job.

Through an interpersonal relationship with the coach (either face to face or by Zoom) a partnership is formed that gives the student guidance and support in a structured environment allowing them to develop the skills needed to reach their goals and achieve their full potential.

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