School Accountability, Support, and Success (SASS) Coaching Program

Are you feeling anxious and worried about your child’s success in the new virtual learning environment? Do you envision more family stress as you work with your student to plan and keep track of assignments and learning? Are you concerned that with your own work schedule and the uncertainty of the year ahead, your child may slip through the cracks?

Christine Kotik owner of CK ADHD Coaching & Consulting has your back. She is mom of 4 (two current Westerville high schoolers), a former middle school educator, and a Coach to hundreds of students and adults. She is offering families a program that will develop a plan for completing online coursework, support students in following the plan, and along the way make sure students are gaining a deeper understanding of themselves as learners and growing adolescents. Through Christine’s program, there will be a game plan for success, less family stress, and the accountability to keep your student on target. Please read below for more information.


  • Begin with a one hour meeting to discuss past learning needs/styles, courses, learning environment, and goals for learning. This session includes at least one parent and the student.  It can be held outdoors in a Westerville location, my office or zoom (between now and Sept. 4th)
  • Weekly 15 min Monday, Friday, or Saturday planning session to review the plan for the week, to include schedule for the week, assignments to be turned in, etc. (student only)
  • Weekly 15 min Wed or Thurs check in sessions, review how schedule is going, tweak if necessary, discuss wins and challenges, etc. (student only)
  • 24/7 text or email quick response check-ins – (ex: got an 85% on my test, my sister is driving me nuts and I can’t make the schedule work, I keep falling asleep in the middle of the lesson, I don’t know how to take notes on this, I miss my friends, I got to have a sleep over, tomorrow is my sister’s birthday … these can be anything that is important or helpful to the student!)
  • Planner for the semester provided – Student will receive a “best of the best” 1 semester planner to help them track their learning, assignments and other important activities
  • Online learning strategies and other general study, organization and time management strategies provided as time permits.


  • Parent update emails provided every 2 weeks
  • Private Parent Facebook group to share videos and resources with parents. 
  • Upon request and signed release, communication with school district personnel to let them know what might be helpful and/or needed
  • Options for families with multiple children 


  • Now thru September 4 – Initial meetings scheduled and held
  • September 8 – December 18 support and accountability meetings
  • No meetings Thanksgiving week
  • Program includes the Initial meeting + 14 weeks of support. If student completes the semester work before December 18, time will be spent on reflection on semester and changes for the 2nd semester, study strategies, and coaching

Christine is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), and the owner of CK ADHD Coaching & Consulting. She is passionate about empowering students to improve school results by managing their ADHD struggles and building on their natural strengths.