CK ADHD Coaching & Consulting was started to help students, families and adults who are struggling with ADHD in their everyday lives.  Often students and adults with ADHD find areas of their lives negatively impacted by their ADHD, a learning


For Parents

How often have you wished that you had the right tools and information to help manage the issues related to ADHD for your child? According to CHADD, the ability of parents to help their children navigate the hardships associated with



Are you looking for someone to speak to your group about ADHD, help your parent group deal with homework challenges, provide strategies for your teachers to use in the classroom with their ADHD students?  Christine speaks on ADHD related topics

About Me

You know that feeling… When the assignment for work or school is due tomorrow but you haven’t even looked at it? When you are rushing to get out the door and you can’t find your keys, your lunch, your homework,...

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What Clients Say:

The first time Ms. Kotik worked with my high school senior, he said ”She gets it! She knows how I think!” ... My husband and I can send our son off to college knowing that he has a multitude of coping skills, and that Ms. Kotik will be there through Skype to help him (and us!) along the way. The peace of mind she’s given us is priceless.

Cammy G.